Three Pressure Cleaning Safety Tips

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Operating and using a pressure washer for pressure cleaning has to be done with a lot of precaution and care. It has become very common these days to use a pressure washer for both domestic and industrial purposes. If you are a beginner, it is always better to read the instructions manual thoroughly before using one.

The water form the hose of a pressure washer comes out at extremely high pressure and hits the surface. Negligence and carelessness while using these machines may prove to be fatal. Given below is a list of safety tips which you may find useful while pressure cleaning your exteriors or interiors of your home, office, etc.:

Appropriate clothing: This is the first aspect that has to be taken care of while using a pressure washer. Wearing full sleeves and full pants instead of trousers is a must while pressure cleaning. Covering the feet with shoes, wearing goggles to protect the eyes and gloves to protect the hands are necessary. It is also advisable to wear ear muffs to cover the ears. This extensive list of protective gear is crucial to save your body and skin.

Pressure cleaning involves using water and other chemicals at extremely high speed and force. There are high chances of the debris and other materials to bounce off form the surface and hit your body, eyes, ears, etc. The various chemicals used while cleaning are very strong and might cause skin rashes and other disorders if they come in contact with the skin. So, preventing any contact whatsoever is vital.

Check the pressure washer thoroughly: Whether you hire a pressure washer or buy one, always check the machine thoroughly for any leaks or damages. If the machine is gas operated, then check for any leaks in the oil tank. If it runs on electricity, then check the electric cord and make sure there are no cuts or tears. Check the hose which you would be using to spray water and/or chemicals.

Thoroughly check the hose for any cuts or bruises. Completely fasten the hose to the water inlet to avoid any kind of detachment. The nozzles, inlets and hose should be clog free. Check if the trigger gun is working perfectly.

Use with utmost precaution and care: Never point the nozzle on anyone. This might prove fatal because the water comes out at extremely high pressure and is sufficient to cut through someone's flesh if it comes in contact. Keep the motor of the machine far away from the cleaning surface to avoid water or any other chemical from falling on the motor directly.

Always maintain the entire machine in a clean condition after pressure cleaning to avoid accumulation of any chemicals, cleaners, etc. in the nozzle or hose. Remove objects and other materials form the surface where cleaning has to be performed.

Follow the above safety tips and always remember to follow the instructions given in the manual to have a successful and accident free pressure cleaning experience.

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31 Aug, 2011

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