Reward for information on Bahrain teen's killer -

The public prosecutor is still investigating the incident and called upon potential witnesses to come forth

  • By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Manama: Bahrain's interior ministry has offered a 10,000 Dinar ($26,465) reward to anyone who provides information that will lead to the arrest of those who killed a Bahraini teenager.

"Whoever has information about the incident should call the hotline set up by the interior ministry 80008008," the ministry said in a statement as the mystery surrounding the death of 14-year-old Ali Jawad Ahmad on Wednesday morning in Sitra, a town 10 kilometres south of Manama, seemed to deepen.

According to the head of the Central Governorate police, the operations room received a call from the Sitra health centre at around 9:15 am on Wednesday informing them that a 14-year-old had been brought in.

The police said that those who brought in the teenager did not specify how he died or how they found him.

Reports from Sitra said that Ali was injured in clashes with the police, but did not give further details.

However, the police said that there were no clashes in Sitra at the time and that they had dispersed a group of 10 rioters at around 1.15am.

The public prosecutor is still investigating the incident and called upon potential witnesses to come forth to help with apprehend the criminals, the Bahrain News Agency reported.

01 Sep, 2011

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