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Two red-shirts appointed to political positions, Aree Krainara and Yoswaris Chuklom, started work at the Interior Ministry on Wednesday, saying they would measure up to the requirements of their new jobs.

The two are among the many core red-shirt members  given government advisory positions by the cabinet on Tuesday.

Mr Aree, head of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship's (UDD) red guard, now serves as secretary to Interior Minister Yongyuth Wichaidit,  and  Mr Yoswaris (also known as Jeng Dokjik) is assistant to Deputy Interior Minister Thanit Thienthong's secretary.

Mr Aree said that tackling poverty and drug abuse was one of the top priorities of his new job. He was ready to take immediate action at the behest of the interior minister.

Mr Aree shrugged off comments that the government's decision to appoint many red-shirts to political posts was just an act of returning favours, saying that he would try his best to do his duty.

He said that being a red-shirt would not be a problem in doing his job and that he would try to ensure justice for all people regardless of their political ideology and that the Interior Ministry is free of double standards and  other  discriminatory practices.

"There will be no double standards. We will ensure the ministry is free from cronyism and lobbying for positions,"  Mr Aree said.

He  denied that the red-shirts would take advantage of their positions to avoid  lawsuits brought against them in connection with last year's political unrest.

The red-shirt appointees would not exploit the privilege given to them, Mr Aree said.

He was also confident that Mr Yoswaris would do his new job well, despite criticism that he has no relevant  experience.

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31 Aug, 2011

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