Reaction Design Optimizes CHEMKIN-CFD for ANSYS FLUENT 13 - MarketWatch (press release)

SAN DIEGO, Aug 31, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Reaction Design(R), a leading developer of combustion simulation software, is pleased to announce that the CHEMKIN-CFD(TM) module for simulating detailed chemistry in multi-dimensional reacting flows is now optimized for use with ANSYS FLUENT 13. CHEMKIN-CFD is used by more than 100 organizations worldwide and is available to ANSYS FLUENT licensees at no charge.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an integral part of the design process in applications that involve chemically reacting flows, but incorporation of detailed chemistry into simulations has been limited due to the computational speed and robustness of the conventional chemistry solvers available in today's CFD packages. CHEMKIN-CFD addresses the problem of the computational stiffness of CFD by employing proprietary solution algorithms that speed time-to-solution and couples the chemistry and the flow. In addition, it provides solution stability in situations where traditional CFD approaches lack accurate chemistry and are limiting the usefulness of results.

Based on the proven chemistry solving power of CHEMKIN-PRO technology, CHEMKIN-CFD features an advanced chemistry simulation technology that efficiently and robustly couples accurate chemical kinetics to flow simulations. CHEMKIN-CFD for ANSYS FLUENT 13 supports both serial and parallel operation and, in addition to working with the Laminar/Finite-Rate option when solving for gas-phase chemistry, it also supports the FLUENT EDC turbulent-kinetics interaction model. The EDC model provides support for turbulence-chemistry interactions with detailed chemical reaction mechanisms. Once installed, CHEMKIN-CFD can be invoked from a menu option in ANSYS FLUENT.

"The energy, transportation, and materials processing sectors are expanding into new frontiers, which often include challenges such as extreme environments, or radical changes in the scale of operations," said Bernie Rosenthal, chief executive officer of Reaction Design. "Standard analysis methods do not demonstrate the effects of these changes with sufficient resolution. There is an increasing need for accurate simulation that supports higher complexity and greater chemistry detail. When incorporated into design workflows, CHEMKIN-CFD allows ANSYS FLUENT 13 users to enhance products, reduce development costs, and improve speed to market."


CHEMKIN-CFD is available today, and license files may be obtained from Reaction Design for up to four free processes. For more information, please visit the license request page.

About Reaction Design

Reaction Design, a San Diego, California-based software supplier, enables transportation manufacturers and energy companies to rapidly achieve their Clean Technology goals by automating the analysis of chemical processes via computer simulation and modeling solutions. Reaction Design is the exclusive developer and distributor of CHEMKIN, the de facto standard for modeling gas-phase and surface chemistry that provides engineers ultra-fast access to reliable answers that save time and money in the Development process. Reaction Design's FORTE is an advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation package for realistic 3D modeling of fuel effects in internal combustion engines with superior Time-to-Solution metrics that fit in commercial development timeframes. Reaction Design's ENERGICO software brings accurate chemistry simulation to gas turbine and boiler/furnace combustion systems using automated reactor network analysis. Reaction Design also offers the CHEMKIN-CFD software module, which brings detailed kinetics modeling to other engineering applications, such as CFD packages. Reaction Design's world-class engineers, chemists and programmers have expertise that spans multi-scale engineering from the molecule to the production plant. Reaction Design serves more than 400 customers in the commercial, government and academic markets.

Reaction Design can be found online at

CHEMKIN(R), CHEMKIN-PRO(R) and Reaction Design(R) are registered trademarks of Reaction Design. FORTE, ENERGICO, CHEMKIN-CFD and Model Fuels Consortium are trademarks of Reaction Design. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

SOURCE: Reaction Design

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31 Aug, 2011

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